Welcome, Beauty. 

My name is Natalia Ria & I help Soulful Warriors embody their Power & find new levels of Confidence & Self-Love.

Fear of not belonging is a profound, primal force. A force that makes you say “yes” when you’re already depleted from so many other “yesses.”


That fear may also drive you to become a warm, encouraging, generous, supportive friend/ partner/daughter- which is great – until…


  • You find yourself in relationships that leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed.

  • You ignore or fade your needs because you feel like they are less important.

  • You do not expect to be supported and prefer to go it alone.

  • You continue to undermine your gifts and put your dreams in the backseat.

  • You find yourself shutting down your gut instincts, questioning your values, trespassing your boundaries and denying your feelings to keep the peace.

  • You give so much of your energy to others that there's not enough left to take care of yourself.

  • You feel a sense of loneliness even when you're surrounded by people.  


A long time ago, you created a brilliant invisibility strategy to help you survive an environment that didn’t have the support you needed to thrive.

You are a self-preserving genius. But you are also tired…

  • Tired of struggling to fill your own inner well.

  • Tired of giving yourself up in the hopes of getting the love and belonging you’ve always longed for.

  • Tired of feeling a sense of aloneness even when you’re with and around people.

  • Tired of feeling guilty for your needs, wants and feelings.

  • Tired of the cycles of depletion that don’t seem to end no matter what you do or don’t do.


How would you feel if you created space - and started to take up space - for what you need to live your most joyful life?


If your gut response includes feeling lazy or selfish, or that self-care = taking something away from your loved ones -. I hear you. It doesn’t mean that, not at all. Creating space to live joyfully is about giving your body, mind and soul what they need to flourish, so you can bring your whole self to your life and the people in it.

There is a part of you that knows of a way to belong-TRULY BELONG-and that is to your Self-the wisdom of your body, the impeccable guidance of your needs and feelings, your intuition, your core values and the unmistakable power of your soul.

This part holds the key to:

  • Magnetizing your receptivity to support and all the goodness that’s in store for You

  • Healing and expanding your heart

  • Igniting your sacred soul gifts & creativity

  • Awakening your authentic voice & self-expression

  • Re-discovering and claiming your boundaries

  • Filling your inner energy well

  • Healing the not-enoughness void

  • Reconnecting with the Divine & your Essence

  • Self-trust and self-confidence

  • Reservoirs of vibrant energy

Helping you reconnect with this part of You is what we do here. 

Through breathwork, movement, sound, touch & the cyclical wisdom of nature, the purpose of my work is to hep You unfold your Soul Essence & elevate You to new levels of inner freedom, empowerment and self-love.


I am Natalia Ria &

I’m on this journey with You.

I began my healing journey at 22, after I found myself drowning in self-destruction and self-hatred. I lived life to please everyone around me and it cost me my health, my self-esteem and my dignity. When I reached the end of my rope with eating disorders, depression, PTSD and utter self-destruction, I knew I had to leap. And I did. And it changed my life by transforming my relationship with myself.

It’s taken over 8 years of retreats, courses, healers and coaches to take back my life. I was able to recover the pebbles of my Soul-my dreams, my needs, my love, my power, my gifts and my connection to the Divine.

I am moved beyond words and consider it to be a great privilege to bear witness to the unfolding of the Soul in human form.

We Are A Great Fit If You:

  • are ready to commit to and invest in your healing path

  • are ready to have a supportive co-pilot on your journey of transformation

  • are ready to make peace with your past & honour your roots

  • are open to feeling the depths of your emotional waters

  • currently have a practice that helps you connect to your body

  • are naturally drawn to the spiritual realms and nature


What Some People Have Said About Working With Me

I met Natalia when I was experiencing the peak of my anxiety and depression. I felt utterly lost and hopeless. Natalia met me there, in the depths of the darkness I felt, with so much love, light, and compassion. From there, she helped me to understand so much about the person that I am, what I want and need, and how to grow into the person I want to be. With her guidance, I’ve deconstructed my old belief systems and patterns where they no longer serve me, and have experienced new hope, connection, and joy beyond what I knew was possible.’-Steph

- Steph

Working with Natalia changed my life for the better in so many ways. She helped me let go of past hurts and live in the present. This has had a very positive impact on my own happiness as well as my relationships with others. Over the years I have tried many different types of therapy, medication and self-help groups.  Natalia’s approach was different and came from a very connected, wise place. I found Natalia to be very intuitive. She consistently was able to break through my “noise and drama” to get to the heart of the real issue.Her guidance and support made all the difference for me and Im truly grateful for it.

- Nancy

What really made working with Natalia truly special, is her ability to drop into her intuitive gifts. In our sessions, she knew exactly how to support, guide and question me to make my sessions very powerful. One of my sessions with Natalia is one that I will never forget which left me feeling completely supported and guided by spirit and a profound sense of connection to spirit. I would highly recommend a session with Natalia if you are looking to experience healing, find clarity, or to deepen your connection to spirit.

- Chanel

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