my story

I was born in Russia and the first ten years of my life were heavily affected by the scarcity of things. Things most people take for granted. I remember when the first McDonald’s opened in the early 1990s – it was considered a luxury restaurant. We waited over two hours in line to get in for my birthday.


When we moved to Canada, my parents sent me to dance lessons and piano lessons. We got to travel. I had clothes and food and Toys-R-Us. It was an abundance I’d never known & in a material sense, I was very privileged. But in my heart, I felt a void.


To cope with an emotionally detached & often hostile home, I became a people-pleaser who over-functioned to ‘be nice & good’ in the hopes of being seen & valued. The other coping mechanisms I’d developed included bulimia, alcohol abuse, a brutal inner oppressor and always smiling.

By twenty-two, I had mastered the art of being invisible. And I’d also lost all sense of me.

On the edge of utter self-destruction, and in a very Eat Pay Love kind of way (before it was popular), I decided to quit my corporate job and go to India to live in an ashram.


There, I changed my eating habits. I learned about energy, attended spiritual talks, meditated and chanted. I took my first yoga class, my first breathing class & had my first energy treatment.


I healed my body there. I also got in touch with an underlying sense of worthlessness and deep despair. I became aware of just how much of a stranger I’d become to myself.


When I returned, I spent every last dime saved from my corporate job on healing courses. I ate healthier, became a yogi, took up dance, established a meditation practice & many other things.


Despite my best efforts to be mindful, meditate and eat right, the feeling of unworthiness was still lurking in the corners of my being.

I didn’t feel good enough and like I didn’t belong anywhere.


I took a 3-year healing break to dive deep into the unworthiness void. I learned about trauma and attachment. And I found the missing piece: my inner parent and the disconnection from my inner child.


With lots of support, I began to release the trauma of emotional neglect from my body and get in touch with an inner source of warmth & nurturing inside.

I started healing the emotional abandonment wound and the accompanying not-enoughness void.

The most profound healing I experienced came from trauma-sensitive energy work, breathwork, inner mothering, belonging in sacred circle with women and reconnection with nature.

This was also the time I began to open my intuitive & psychic gifts, all of which have paved the way to my work.


And don’t get me wrong, the wound triggers still surface. But they don’t ruin my day, or my life.

I’ve transformed my relationship with giving – it’s joyful and ows abundantly to those who receive, appreciate and reciprocate.

I’ve transformed my relationship with myself - from self-rejection to self-acceptance.

I’ve transformed my relationship with Spirit - from disconnection to trust & surrender.


And that is what I want for you.


To become the greatest source of your own abundance, love, safety and nurturing so you can stop over-functioning and re-discover the safety, nurturing and beauty of receiving.


To own your bigness, intensity, inner wisdom, intuition, dreams, rawness and ability to love.


To release the inner struggle in exchange for peace.


To live a life of inner freedom, beauty and confidence.


It takes a resilient, brave, heart warrior to end a legacy of struggle, depletion and emotional self- abandonment.

If you’ve found your way to this page, I believe you are it.


It would be an absolute honour to support you on this journey.



Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT, Gary Craig)


Transforming the Experience-Based Brain (Austin Attachment, Stephen Tyrell)


Clarity Breathwork Practitioner 


Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release LVL I (BBTRI)


Hakomi Practitioner (in training)


DARe I (Dynamic Attachment Re-Patterning Experience) 


Reiki Practitioner (Lvl 2, USA)

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practitioner (AIVS, USA))


Angel Therapy Practitioner (Doreen Virtue)

Sound Healing Practitioner Training 

Thai Massage Therapy Practitioner (Thai Massage Toronto)

ERYT-Yoga Educator (500+ hrs)

Women's Temple Facilitator Training (Awakening Women Institute)

Women's Circle Training (Sora Surya No, USA)

Well Woman Teacher Training (Womb Yoga, UK)

From what now feels like my past life, I hold a

B.Commerce from the University of Toronto & a Piano Performer Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music