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Our gatherings include a variety of embodiment practices, all aimed at helping you reconnect with & soften into the Feminine within yourself, connect with other women, heal the belonging wound and touch deeper levels of true self-acceptance. Our practices include:

  • sharing in small groups & voluntary sharing in circle

  • creative activities

  • ritual 

  • feminine embodiment practices/movement

  • themed partner exercises


Each gathering is themed around the cycle in the wheel of the year and the challenges & opportunities that arise in that cycle. Sometimes, we will also incorporate deep rest practices, inner child work, breathwork, voice work and energy work.



For gatherings of 3+ women. 


Are you looking to organize a conscious, self-reconnecting

& exploratory gathering for you & your friends/like-minded


Are you longing to be in circle together with your closest


Are you excited by the idea of sharing inner work,

personal growth & transformation with women you

love and admire?


If so, a private Women’s Gathering may be for you!


Gatherings are offered in the following formats:

  • 2 hour exploratory workshop 

  • half day gathering

  • full day gathering

  • weekend gathering


Examples of past Gathering Themes include:


The Power of No: rediscovering boundaries

The Cyclical Power of the Womb: an exploration of the inner seasons 

Empathy as a Superpower

Rest & Recharge

Balancing the Feminine/Masculine within the Self

Values Redefined: clarifying & reconnecting to what matters most

Inner Child-Inner Mother: healing the gap & rediscovering self-love

Solstice/Equinox/Cyclical Wisdom Gatherings


Gatherings are created to meet the needs and longings of the group. For enquiries, please email Natalia to thesoulhut@gmail.com with some information about your group and your vision for your gathering.


"Natalia’s women’s circle was beautiful. I connected with other women who supported me when I really needed it, and I was able to hold space for them as well. It was incredibly healing.

I would recommend a women’s circle with Natalia because she brings women together to get to know, honour, and support each other in a truly beautiful and magical way.

I would recommend Natalia’s Women's Circles to any woman who is going through a difficult situation or who just wants to connect with other strong spirited women. I would also recommend them to anyone who wishes for clarity.


‘Natalia’s Sacred Nurture Women’s Circle was a nourishing, connective, heartful oasis in a wild and challenging time in my life. The presence she invites us to inhabit is heart-opening. I am grateful for the kindness and gentleness I experienced from the other women in the group. Using embodied wisdom to guide touch was powerful both in the giving and receiving. I really love how pervasive the autumn theme was, from altar through exercises. I look forward to more of these circles. This experience is a gift’ -Annie


‘Highly recommended!! An opportunity to let down our guards and rigid exterior to become softer and more sensitive.’-Anonymous


‘I felt so nurtured and supported with this experience. Every woman should, regularly, take the time to go to a safe and positive space where you can share your feelings and let things go’- Ana

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