Sometimes, the emotional abandonment wound — especially when it comes from a troubled relationship with our mother — hurts our ability to connect with other women, which can leave us feeling isolated and detached from other women and the Feminine energy within.


This was certainly my world for a very long time. As a woman who had no emotional connection with my mother, I felt somewhat crippled when it came to connecting with other women-i deeply longed for it and was at the same time, afraid of it.


It wasn’t until I started to connect to my Inner Mother and risked stepping into a women’s group, that I was able to experience the feminine nurturing that comes from the co-created energy of like-hearted women who yearn to connect to the Feminine Essence within themselves.


This gathering is more of a SANCTUARY and is for women who want to reconnect with their feminine essence and belong with other women in a safe, nurturing container. Together, we’ll give and receive deep nurturing from each other, in body and soul, so we can melt our guards and fill our inner heart well with nourishment.


You are welcome as you are, Dear Woman. Do not wait until you’re healed, or less insecure, or more accomplished or less afraid. Or whatever less or more you feel you need to be.


Come as you are.

And know that you Belong.

As you are.




Our gatherings include a variety of embodiment practices, all aimed at helping you reconnect with & soften into the Feminine within yourself, connect with other women, heal the belonging wound and touch deeper levels of true self-acceptance. Our practices include:

  • sharing in small groups & voluntary sharing in circle

  • creative activities

  • ritual 

  • feminine embodiment practices/movement

  • themed partner exercises


Each gathering is themed around the cycle in the wheel of the year and the challenges & opportunities that arise in that cycle. Sometimes, we will also incorporate deep rest practices, inner child work, breathwork, voice work and energy work.



For gatherings of 3+ women. 


Are you looking to organize a conscious, self-reconnecting

& exploratory gathering for you & your friends/like-minded


Are you longing to be in circle together with your closest


Are you excited by the idea of sharing inner work,

personal growth & transformation with women you

love and admire?


If so, a private Women’s Gathering may be for you!


Gatherings are offered in the following formats:

  • 2 hour exploratory workshop 

  • half day gathering

  • full day gathering

  • weekend gathering


Examples of past Gathering Themes include:


The Power of No: rediscovering boundaries

The Cyclical Power of the Womb: an exploration of the inner seasons 

Empathy as a Superpower

Rest & Recharge

Balancing the Feminine/Masculine within the Self

Values Redefined: clarifying & reconnecting to what matters most

Inner Child-Inner Mother: healing the gap & rediscovering self-love

Solstice/Equinox/Cyclical Wisdom Gatherings


Gatherings are created to meet the needs and longings of the group. For enquiries, please email Natalia to thesoulhut@gmail.com with some information about your group and your vision for your gathering.


"Natalia’s women’s circle was beautiful. I connected with other women who supported me when I really needed it, and I was able to hold space for them as well. It was incredibly healing.

I would recommend a women’s circle with Natalia because she brings women together to get to know, honour, and support each other in a truly beautiful and magical way.

I would recommend Natalia’s Women's Circles to any woman who is going through a difficult situation or who just wants to connect with other strong spirited women. I would also recommend them to anyone who wishes for clarity.


‘Natalia’s Sacred Nurture Women’s Circle was a nourishing, connective, heartful oasis in a wild and challenging time in my life. The presence she invites us to inhabit is heart-opening. I am grateful for the kindness and gentleness I experienced from the other women in the group. Using embodied wisdom to guide touch was powerful both in the giving and receiving. I really love how pervasive the autumn theme was, from altar through exercises. I look forward to more of these circles. This experience is a gift’ -Annie


‘Highly recommended!! An opportunity to let down our guards and rigid exterior to become softer and more sensitive.’-Anonymous


‘I felt so nurtured and supported with this experience. Every woman should, regularly, take the time to go to a safe and positive space where you can share your feelings and let things go’- Ana