This class focuses on alignment, strength & fluidity. Deep stretch, tension release, rejuvenation and elongation are the gifts to be reaped from this class. Class is tailored to your level and desired outcome and takes you on a journey of:

  • movement and stillness

  • balance and imbalance

  • breathing and breath retention

  • exploration of the link between breath, movement and mindset

  • exploration of your body from a place of curiosity & moment to moment self-expression



This class will help you unwind by giving your body and heart the gift of deep rest. In this class, you will be invited to connect to your body and breath and let go of physical and emotional burdens, while being supported by bolsters, cushions, blankets and blocks. as an optional add on, you will also be offered healing Reiki energy to further help soothe your soul and nourish your whole self from the inside out. 


Yoga side effects include:


  • more spaciousness and lightness in your body

  • feeling stretched out and lengthened

  • uplifted mood

  • a reset of your nervous system

  • stress reduction & more ease

  • a steadier and more positive mind

  • more energy

  • greater sense of equanimity


A journey of reconnection to the power and wisdom of the womb. 

Through a series of yoga practices, breath work and the exploration of the inner seasons, activate healing, creativity & the reclamation of the Feminine Essence through your body.  

Duration: 60min

Cost: $25/person (2 person minimum) up to 4, $20/person for 5+ people

Location: your space in Mont Tremblant or surrounding towns within the Laurentians/Les Laurentides (Saint Jovite, Val-David, St Agathe des Monts, Sainte Adele, Prevost, etc.)




To enquire or book your class, please email Natalia to