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This is where we deep-dive into your inner heart well to reconnect with your Soul and give your inner truth the space to speak, to be seen, to be heard, to be nurtured, to be unravelled, healed and loved.

These sessions are profound and powerful, incorporating Coaching, EFT & Intuitive Spiritual Counselling to bring light and relief into places of fogginess, stuckness & pain.

Together, and with the help of the spiritual realms, we’ll unpack experiences that have wounded & given rise to limiting beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck and holding your Self back. 

There will be tears, laughter and outbursts of wisdom. I will be here for you, holding sacred space, bearing witness, offering compassion, and when needed, gentle reframing, so you can find your way Home to your Self-your truth, your power and your Essence.

These sessions often result in:

  • Healing blueprints of worthlessness, scarcity & the not-enoughness void

  • Profound reconnection to your Soul Essence & Spirit

  • Re-establishing self-trust & confidence

  • Transforming personal glass ceilings

  • Reclaiming your energy and cutting of non-benevolent energy cords

  • Reversing patterns of self-rejection & self-sabotage

  • Healing guilt and shame

  • Healing ancestral wounds of the Maternal Lineage

  • Healing the inner child

  • Healing unconscious relationship patterns and their associated wounds of abandonment/rejection/loss

  • Balancing the masculine/feminine energies within the self

  • Reconnection with your personal power

  • More authentic self-expression


60min Intuitive Healing Session: CAD $120

5 60min Intuitive Healing Sessions: $500 

To book your session, please email