Sunday, July 25, 2021, 1-3pm, $40 + tax @ Karma Shala Yoga,
Mont Tremblant

When difficult events happen in our lives, in an effort to protect ourselves, we begin to shut off ‘feeling’ parts of ourselves in order to avoid further pain and suffering. The shut off parts eventually turn into armour that lodges itself in our bodies. Without a process that safely allows a person to enter into and feel painful stuck/frozen parts of themselves in their bodies, we become less and less able to feel and we lose our spontaneity and sense of inner aliveness.

Breathwork is the process of activating the nervous system to help access, release and heal stuck emotional and physical energy in the body as well as bring feeling into parts of ourselves that we defend against. Ultimately, it is a process that gently peels off the protective layers that keep us disconnected from our Soul Self and gradually reconnects us to the Heart.

Breathwork is a gateway into healing that allows a person to explore, feel and heal:

  • stuck emotional patterns

  • core wounds & negative memories

  • frozen/fighting/fleeing parts of self stuck in the past

  • unconscious patterns

  • stuck energy in the body and physical tension

What You can expect from the Online Somatic Breathwork Journey:

  • a brief welcome & check-in

  • movement

  • intention setting

  • 45min guided breathwork session

  • relaxation/integration

  • optional sharing


Breath work is not recommended for people with:

  • asthma

  • pregnancy in the 1st trimester

  • severe heart disease, epilepsy or history of seizures

  • mental illness (bipolar, schizophrenia, borderline)

  • acute physical injuries


Breathwork is a powerful healing modality in which the recipient is an active participant in their session; putting the control in their own hands. Through guided exercises and Breathwork techniques, the recipient learns how to engage the sympathetic nervous system to facilitate the release of tension and stress held within the body and nervous system. You wouldn’t think that focusing on breath alone would initiate a cascade of such significant physical responses and lasting results, but it is indeed a transformational modality with the support of an expert facilitator like Natalia. I highly recommend a session or workshop with this facilitator!’

- Larissa Dzamba, Founder of Om Toronto