You are a sensitive, big-hearted soul and it’s easy for you to give to others.

You try to stay on top of your self-care, but it doesn’t always make it to the top of your list.

That’s when you start to feel it.

The tight neck and shoulders, the snappy mood, the heaviness all over your body and the feeling of running on empty.

Burnout has a way of creeping up on you without too much notice. 

And once you’re there, you know that bodywork can save the day.

You also know your self-care isn’t complete without regular touch-bodywork that replenishes your energy tank and leaves you feeling nourished from within. 

You long for touch that combines the ‘skills’ with an intuitive presence & heart-felt connection to your body.

You want to be ‘felt’ and ‘gotten’ without saying a word.

I understand because I’m the same way.

This is why I blend traditional Thai Massage with my intuitive gifts so you can:

  • fill your energy tank and be able to give your energy to the people who rely on you with joy instead of frustration or resentment

  • soften into your essence and practice the art of Receiving

  • give your body the care it needs

  • release physical, mental, energetic and emotional tension

  • allow yourself to be held in warmth, nourishment and safety

  • shift your mental energy from struggle, not enoughness & depletion into the energy of receptivity, abundance & nourishment

While some people reach out for bodywork to relieve specific muscular tension and others, to relax, the primary purpose of this bodywork is to fill your energy tank as well as release psycho-somatic-energetic tension.

All of which will leave you feeling soft, yet strong, nourished and supported. You will find that tension relief as well as emotional and energetic balancing are the natural consequences of this type of bodywork. Sometimes, you may also experience healing of the deeper layers of your mind-body network.

If the thought of the above resonates with you, I would be honoured to support you on your self-care journey.

Your Investment:

60 min: $100

75min: $120

90min: $135

Session Location:

  1. Your space in the vicinity of Mont Tremblant/Les Laurentides


To book your session, please email Thank you!